Top Ten Reasons to Like NCL Freestyle

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I am thrilled to announce that Cruise Bug Chatter has been selected as a featured site of the day.

NCL is celebrating 10 years of Freestyle and is running a contest and giving away Epic T-shirts to Twitter and Facebook followers.
Check it out here.
The last thing that I need is another T-shirt, so I will add my top 10 reasons for liking Freestyle Cruising outside of the contest.

    1. I have the option of dressing up or dressing down for dinner.
    2. If I like a particular server, I can request to be seated in his/her section.
    3. I can do a self-disembarkation and leave when I want as long as I am off with the last group.
    4. I can stay in my room on disembarkation day rather than having to sit in an assigned gathering place waiting for my luggage color to be called.
    5. Booking a future cruise on board (Cruise Rewards) gives a reduced deposit and a $100 credit for the current cruise and I have 4 years to book it. Ummm, I used my last Cruise Rewards certificate less than two months after I bought it.
    6. Free cappuccino
    7. Welcome champagne
    8. Great Latitudes (past guests) party
    9. Lots of home ports
    10. You can choose to sit by yourself or join other diners. No worries about sitting with the guests from hell at dinner every night.

Freestyle is not for everybody. It’s important to find a ship that matches your vacation preferences and personality. We are anxiously awaiting the new Epic with its very interesting design that features lots of curves.

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