Gift Suggestions for Cruisers

With the holidays rapidly approaching, much thought is focused on finding an ideal gift for family and friends.
Here are some suggestions for cruisers and travelers on your list.

    Blanket, pillow and eye shades for the flight. Few airlines provide any of these amenities anymore, so if you want them, bring your own.
    Onboard perks. Go to any cruise website and find the list of amenities available. Spa certificates, dining credits, a bottle of wine – or if your cruise friends love Holland America’s beds, how about a new bed or linens?
    For keeping track of friends and family onboard – walkie-talkies.
    Limo service to and from the port.
    A photobook
    Many cruisers need to fly to the port so consider using your frequent flyer miles to obtain their tickets.
    Netbook computer. A convenient item for keeping track of the vacation, storing photos and getting online in port.
    Noise cancelling headphones
    Headset for making phone calls from Skype or when using the Magic Jack.
    Voip-based phone service or minutes. Note that some ships block Skype, but it may be used in ports at internet cafes or wherever you find public access.
    Digital camera
    If it’s in the budget, how about a cruise? There are even 1 night cruises available from certain ports.

Sail Away

Disclaimer: I have received none of the above mentioned products.

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