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I saw a tweet that referenced a post on family cruising and checked it out.
Obviously, unfortunately and without real basis, cruising just became a competitive sport -at least according to this article. How elitist to suggest that the child who cruises to Europe – supposedly costing just a bit more for air and cruise than a Caribbean cruise- will benefit more and be better prepared for their future education. This article compares apples to breadfruit and also assumes that there is little culture in the Caribbean or little to be gained from a cruise with few port days. Cunard, take notice immediately.

'Good' Vacation?

Europe offers a totally different experience than the Caribbean, but that doesn’t make one destination better than the other to anybody but you. Cultural experiences don’t limit themselves to Europe. Culture exhibits itself in many forms and not just at museums and cathedrals.

'Bad Vacation'
'Bad Vacation?'

Perhaps soon, we will have travel thought police who will tell you that you are not learning enough from your travels and that your children will become unsuccessful in life for having cruised to the Caribbean instead of Europe. That would be a very sad day. But never fear. You know what type of vacation you prefer, and what you hope to get out of a vacation is an extremely personal choice. Moreover, these choices will vary widely. So whether you want to enjoy the cruise ship and never go ashore, hike around a lake, explore museums in Europe, or let the kids spend the day at the beach; rest assured, you can have a satisfying, enjoyable and carefree vacation without feeling guilty at having deprived yourself or your children of a ‘meaningful’ experience.

Sail Away

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