NCL Epic Single Studio

Please keep the residents of Haiti in mind. We will donate a percentage from your bookings with Cruise Bug Vacations to charities that Finally, a cruise line realizes that traveling solo is an option for many, and these solo travelers do not appreciate the supplement often accessed on them. The cozy, or should I say, small studio cabins on the NCL Epic offer 100 square feet of space. While inside cabins, they do have a window that looks into a hallway. These rooms are made for sleeping, so guests in the studio room have key card access to a special area, known as The Living Room, to meet and mingle with other guests and stretch out. That’s an advantage for meeting other passengers. This room has a 50-inch TV, Wi-Fi and a full bar.

Who spends much time in their cabin anyway?

Epic Studio Stateroom

Take note of the shower arrangement. From the illustrations, it appears that there is no visual barrier to separate that shower. It appears that if you are sharing that room with another and aren’t interested in being a voyeur/voyeuse, then you simply step out into the Living Room. It would be interesting to know if one bed could be removed for the solo traveler.

Overhead view of NCL Epic Studio Stateroom
The price of these rooms for single occupancy starts at $799 for the base rate not including taxes and fees. It’s certainly better than having to pay for two passengers. Do note that these cabins may also be sold as doubles.

Sail Away

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