We always recommend that you travel with your passport. Sure, they say that you don’t need one if you are doing a closed loop cruise.
But what happens if there is an emergency and you need to fly home from a foreign port? Now that the passport is required for all travel outside the USA, there is
no reason not to have one. But, if you have been waiting to apply or your passport is coming up for renewal, do it now.

Don’t Wait – Fees May Rise
The State Department is considering significantly raising the costs of passports. Services that used to be free, such as adding extra pages will now cost a whopping $82.
Costs will increase for both new passports and renewals by $35; new passports will cost $135 and renewals will cost $110.

Although these fees are just being considered; what do you think the chance is that they won’t increase?

You may submit your comments to the Bureau of Consular Affairs through March 11.

I just sent in my comments about this increase. Will you please send yours?

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