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A few posts ago, I wrote about the value of cruising in Europe. I still believe that cruising in Europe costs less than a comparable land vacation especially with the high costs of fuel and the weak dollar. As a good example of another value, Costa is offering several cruises in Europe starting at just $499 for an inside cabin.

Those savings can be applied to the cost of airfare. If you are planning to fly to Europe to cruise, I strongly suggest taking a longer cruise or combining cruises to increase the value of your total vacation package. Personally, considering the cost of airfare, I would take two 7-day cruises or a 14-day cruise to lower my average daily cost.

Be sure to check out cruises, like those offered by Hurtigruten that offer free or low-cost airfare and other savings packages. Don’t forget to investigate lesser known cruise lines like Voyages of Discovery for values.

I suspect that there will be some wonderful cruise bargains as the cost of flying to the ports becomes more expensive. More cruisers will drive to the ports, which may be much cheaper than flying. Be sure to take into account the cost of gas, overnights, tolls and parking fees at the port.

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