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Need a getaway after have the grandchildren all summer? Go to and look at the September sailings from Miami on the Norwegian Sky. Balconies with a base fare of just a bit over $100 per day.

Recent efforts by airlines to cut costs has resulted in the complete elimination of routes, a reduction in aircrafts serving specific destinations and even the withdrawal of airlines in certain markets. For us here in Albany, that means that American Airlines leaves in the fall. Fortunately for us, Southwest offers service to Chicago, which is the only destination that American had from this particular airport.

If you have booked your own flights, please check constantly for any itinerary changes or cancellations. The last thing that you want to do is find that your flight to the cruise port has been altered and because of this, you will miss your cruise. In the ideal world, the airlines should contact you regarding any changes; in the real world this may not happen and it is your responsibility to look out for your best interest.

Oil continues to control our world and change the way that we do things. It’s likely that more cruise passengers will opt to drive, even long distances, because they gain control over the transportation situation.

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