New NCL Spirit Menu

We recently toured the NCL Spirit in Boston and I snapped a shot of the Cagney’s Steakhouse Menu. This is a specialty restaurant with a $25 surcharge.
On this whirlwind visit, I suddenly remembered one of my favorite NCL foods – the pretzel rolls. You really need to try this delicious treat. You will find them up on Deck 12 in the Raffles Court Buffet.
Look for a regular looking roll that is brown with a wedge of white in the middle.

Not being a buffet person, it took many NCL cruises before I discovered these tasty treats. And with so many choices on the buffet, it would be hard to sample everything. Well, for some people that may not be so difficult. Buffets seem to induce a feeding frenzy response in certain people.

Check out that menu in the tab above.
An embarkation Freestyle Daily will be added soon.

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