Try Again Iceland

On our Crown Princess cruise a few years ago, we anticipated a life-long dream of visiting Iceland. Well, that dream melted quickly due to rough seas.
If at first you don’t succeed, try again. This year we will once again attempt to get to Iceland. With all the volcanic ash issues, it seems that arriving by sea is the best way to accomplish this feat.

The Ocean Princess, formerly the ship known as the Tahitian Princess, is also one of the former Renaissance ships. We like that size of ship and the flexibility it has for reaching ports that its larger fleet members can’t approach. The ship sails from Dover, another port that we visited on that same Crown Princess cruise. It’s so nice to feel a certain level of comfort and be familiar with a destination. We are godparents of the Ocean Princess, so are especially excited to visit our godchild.

Most of our last visit in Dover was spent walking along the White Cliffs, so finding something to surpass that experience could prove difficult.

Sail Away

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