Cruise Complaints

Just for fun, I sometimes read websites that compile cruise complaints. Not surprisingly, most of the letters to these sites seem questionable and address fictional occurrences. They do make for some humorous reading. Obviously, several of the complainers write in hopes of getting a free cruise.

One man complains that he didn’t buy trip insurance because he and his wife are both healthy and they would never cancel the trip. However, the cruise line is at fault for not refunding their money because the wife fell and broke several bones and couldn’t make the cruise. Do you know of many service or hospitality providers that will simply refund your money if you are a no show? Have these people not read the terms of carriage? In their minds that doesn’t matter, they assume no responsibility for their actions. While I empathize with somebody who is in this medical situation, I can only say that they should have purchased insurance, and they can’t blame the cruise line for not refunding their money. These irresponsible folks now are on a mission to get the word out about the cruise line that ripped them off.

How about another person who had to spend money to buy lunch because departure was delayed? Yes, the cruise line should have refunded them their entire fare and given them another fully-paid cruise. How dare they have no entertainment or anything to do because the ship finally departed after midnight.

A cruise line cruelly refused to refund the fare when a member of the wife’s family died and she had to go home to attend the funeral. The husband claims that since she left they charged him an additional 20% for his fare. Hmmmmm.

Another woman wants to sue the cruise line for serving alcohol to her underage child. The dear daughter was at the bar ordering drinks. When she got caught, the mother didn’t discipline her for being at the bar, but had her go back to the bar and try to order another drink, which she was served. So what’s wrong with this picture. Daughter engages in an illegal activity, and it is the fault of the cruise line. I do not think it is acceptable to serve underage children, but I do think that the daughter wasn’t innocent and that her mother should have dealt with the real issue, which is the daughter violating a drinking law. It looks like bartenders on cruise lines will have to start carding.

Another person is furious with the cruise line because the airline lost his luggage. The stories go on and on and I find some of them quite amusing. I hope that I never am seated at a table with any of these types.

There are times when legitimate problems arise. Be courteous and talk to the purser’s desk. If nothing is accomplished, ask to speak with the hotel manager. In no case, should you wait for two years to complain as one person did. If you have problems, be reasonable in your requests. No way does not having ice in your iced tea warrant a free future cruise.

Fortunately, at some of these sites, level-headed people respond to the clueless scammers who post these ridiculous diatribes of unacceptable cruises. I purposely haven’t listed any of the sites since I would hate to increase their ratings. However, if you do a search, you will easily find a few of these sites.

Sail away.

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