Inside Advantage

One huge advantage of an inside stateroom is the cost; typically, these windowless staterooms cost less than a room with a view.
On a recent cruise in the North Atlantic, where the sun forgets to sleep, we realized another real advantage of an inside cabin: darkness.
We had an ocean view and found ourselves using the sofa cushions to block out the light that entered our room at all hours of the day.

Doubtful Drapes
Our drapes didn’t totally block the light no matter what we did. Light seeped through the top of the drapes where they were attached to the rail. We did everything that we could to block the rays of light that shone in our room all hours of the night.

If you have problems sleeping in a room that is too light, consider the following, especially if you will be traveling in the lands of the midnight or most-of-the-night sun:

  • Book an interior cabin.
  • Take along the type of clips used to close snack bags.
  • Bring along eye shades. We find these annoying and have resorted to other measures like hiding under the covers, which also isn’t that comfortable.
  • Get creative with what is in your cabin. The sofa cushions and beach towels stacked nicely to block the window. However, it was harder to keep this makeshift contraption in place in rough waters.
  • Whatever you do, enjoy your cruise.

    Sail Away

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    This will be a great help to those who are looking for cheap cruises. Inside stateroom is a good choice if you are only going to sleep in it and you still have a lot more ameneties to enjoy in your cruise ship.