More reasons for travel insurance

Because I am flying to Juneau on Alaska Airlines from Seattle, I just received a notice today that due to volcanic ash, Alaska Airlines has canceled flights and may do so until August 17, which is a few days after my scheduled flight. Alaska is allowing changes or refunds without a fee if done by a certain date. However, I only have one segment on Alaska Airlines. Will the airlines on the other segments allow me to change or cancel without a fee?

A few weeks ago, there was an oil spill in New Orleans. No ships could get to the city from the Gulf. That situation has caused Carnival to move the Fantasy to Mobile. Anybody who had flown into New Orleans would be bussed to Mobile and bussed back to New Orleans at the end of the cruise. It’s about 150 miles between the two.

There are more reasons from getting trip insurance besides flights delays. Remember all those jets removed from service because of mechanical issues?

As for me, I am hoping that the ash clears before my departure and there are no delays. My flights were all reasonably full so may be even fuller. No hope for an empty middle seat on the long flight.

Due to my travels, some podcasts may be delayed. Check back often.

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Travel insurance should be considered a must-have before traveling – for so many reasons I’m sure I don’t need to bore you with. For the small cost it can save you so much in so many ways. All the best.