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The idea of a crying baby, misbehaved child area like that the crying rooms I remember in churches, might be a good concept. Maybe muzzles or some other form of torture would work equally well.
Ideally, parents could just give their kids the look and they would behave appropriately. As for me, I am considering noise-cancelling headphones.

I must admit that I had some pleasant experiences on my flight to Juneau. When I reached Seattle, I stopped at the first Alaska Airlines counter and asked if the person could assign me a seat. I explained my story and the desk agent was surprised to hear that Alaska Airlines had people working in India. She didn’t know that and had worked for the airline for many years. She thought that their offices were in Seattle. She was quite helpful and assigned me a seat, but couldn’t print out a boarding pass because she ran out of boarding pass paper, but told me that the agent at my boarding gate could print me out a proper pass. I went to that far away gate and requested a pass, but first asked if there might be a seat closer to the front of the plane. She said that there was a non-reclining seat in row 13. Fine with me and even more fine when she asked if I were willing to perform emergency row duties.

I leave for home tomorrow and reluctantly anticipate the excitement of a six hour layover in Seattle. It seems that I could have flown to New Zealand in the same amount of time. It will take me over 18 hours to get home. What we do to cruise.

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