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I suggested some sites for finding last-minute airfares and can recommend the majority of them
for hotels as well. On our last minute cruise, I needed to find a hotel in Copenhagen. Pickings were slim due to a convention in town. Obviously, I search on Cruise Bug Vacations first, but because of the aforementioned convention, I wasn’t able to find anything in my price range.
Next, I searched Mobissimo several times and watched the prices change.
One caveat is to look closely at the prices. Although I had requested a room for two, I sometimes got prices for a single room. Some of the hotels also had shared baths. After much research, I finally settled on the Hotel Rossini in the Valby area of Copenhagen. Although not right in the center of town, it was just a few short blocks from the train, which we boarded at the airport.
Bus 26, which went to town and just happens to go to the cruise port, was just a few blocks away from the hotel as well.
By American standards, the Rossini was a quite simple hotel. If they would paint the ceiling in the rooms, the place would appear a lot fresher. Our bed was comfy and the room was a large size for a European hotel. In fact, there was an extra bed in our room so it would be ideal for a family.
One of the benefits of this hotel was the large, hot breakfast. Copenhagen is an expensive town, so getting a large, delicious breakfast included helped us rationalize the cost of our stay, which in total came to $141.
We talked with fellow cruise passengers about their hotels and most spent far more than we did. Even though they had booked well before we did, they still paid top dollar.

Here are a few sites that I used:
Here is a list:


I also look at Hotwire, Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity and the individual airline websites.

If you are using Hotwire or Priceline
you can research which bids were accepted and even figure out which of the hotels you may be assigned by going to the Better Bidding site.

Next time – a review of the American Safari Explorer.

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