Spreading of Ashes at Sea

Some avid cruisers wish to have their ashes spread at sea. Anybody with a loved one considering this will be happy to know that this is possible on a cruise ship.
And remembering the deceased while enjoying one of his or her favorite past times – cruising- is a real tribute to that person. You can arrange for a solemn moment to honor the life of your loved one and then experience the lifestyle of this person by enjoying a cruise.

We personally did a scattering of ashes on the Celebrity Millenium. We had a private ceremony with the ship’s officers, one of whom read a poem selected by us. Due to the weather, we had to reschedule the scattering as ships must comply with federal and environmental regulations. After the ceremony, we were presented with a certificate noting the latitude and longitude of where the ashes had been scattered.

Cruise Bug Vacations can help with the arrangements and plan the cruise for you. Isn’t this a much better option than the traditional somber wake that so many people experience?

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Adelaida Ramrattan

Considering having my ashes scattered at sea when my time comes.