The Food on the American Safari Cruises Safari Explorer

On our first day onboard, we had a quick overview of the way things worked on the ship. The chef pointed out that we would not be served large portions. Well, large is definitely a relative term. The portions were ample, so ample in fact that by the end of the week some of us were skipping meals or had cut down drastically, especially at breakfast. I for one do not usually eat three meals a day, but always get sucked into it when cruising. It seems to finally catch up with me and my body wants me to stop or at least be kinder and gentler to it. It’s not always easy when there are so many tasty dishes to try.
The food on the Safari Explorer consisted of daily choices of seafood, not surprising, considering the wonderful fishing waters that we cruised. Along with the seafood, which I did occasionally try, there were plenty of beef and chicken options. Phil, the chef was creative with his preparation of food, which fit quite nicely with the adventurous nature of this cruise. He interacted with the passengers, which really made the connection between him and the food he served so much more enjoyable. I always felt that he was preparing his dishes for each of us individually rather than as a large group.

In addition to our thrice daily meals, we also had appetizers during cocktail hour. The very popular offerings included regional interpretations of popular hors d’oeuvres.

One of the most popular breakfast offerings was a maple-glazed bacon. I am not sure what was in this, but some of the guests took it upon themselves to clean up the scraps from other plates, a response that I haven’t often seen as a result of eating bacon.

Shortly, I will be adding the menus from the Safari Explorer to the home page so that you can see for yourself how well we ate.

Next time: The Drink on the American Safari Cruises Safari Explorer

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