Ocean Princess Food Review

As we always like to point out at the start, food is so subjective.
We had very good meals, ordinary meals and just a few that we didn’t care for. However, the food was decent overall.
Princess has never claimed to offer fine dining on a ship, but it seems that some people expect that. We understand how difficult it is to prepare food for the masses, and in general we really do think that Princess does a good job.

Ocean Princess Dinner
Ocean Princess Dinner

The most consistently tasty dish seemed to be the fish. Then again, the person who always ordered the fish at our table isn’t too picky about food, but did have one dish that didn’t please his taste buds.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the lack of an option for anytime dining is a drawback, but we found it easy to enjoy a more casual, sit-down dinner at the Bistro. In fact, we found that the steaks there were tastier than we had in the main dining room.

We found the servers to be quite attentive and helpful, especially in the buffet, where we usually ate breakfast because we often slept too late or had to have a very quick meal.

The pizza, which is served at varying hours and always required us to consult those times to be sure of its availability, is very good. Usually, there are several varieties offered. The burgers and fries from the poolside grill were among the best we’ve had on a cruise ship.

Although the buffet is not as extensive as those on the larger ships, there is still plenty to choose from. Anybody who couldn’t find something good to eat on this ship is either very picky or was sitting at our table every night. (Read the previous post.)

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