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A final word on the American Safari Cruises Safari Explorer

I alluded to that fact that luxury means different things to different people. If you equate luxury with marble, crystal chandeliers and other opulent materials, you might be disappointed. But if you appreciate having the ability to stop and observe a group of humpback whales bubble netting, orca whales going for the kill or brown bears meandering along the shore, you will enjoy the experience on board the American Safari Cruises Safari Explorer. The atmosphere is casual and loosely organized. If there is a wildlife sighting around or during meal time, service may be postponed for all to enjoy nature. Nobody cares if the entire group jumps up from the middle of a meal to observe an iceberg, seals or any other interesting attraction.
The all-inclusive nature of the experience is a luxury in itself. No signing receipts or paying a la carte for things like skiff ride, hiking or kayaking. For me the highpoint of the experience was having the ability to take a kayak and paddle amongst the icebergs and seals. A morning paddle in a quiet cove proved one of my most memorable experiences. I had the luxury of paddling solo, a real luxury for a control freak wanting individual reflection. Actually, one drawback that I found was the shortage of individual kayaks. I enjoyed paddling with a partner, but sometimes I appreciate paddling solo. That freedom to me is a luxury. With nobody to worry about but myself, I can explore wherever I want or simply float aimlessly enjoying the moment.

It’s not fair to compare this experience with a large ship cruise line; the two can’t be compared. Can you imagine a large cruise ship following a pod of whales? We had the luxury of time. We had a itinerary, but that was subject to change on a whim. As long as we reached our final destination on time, we could be flexible about our daily course. Now that is a luxury.

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