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Our second seating request put us on a wait list and by default tossed us into the Personal Choice Dining®. The big advantage of second seating is that we would have the same servers who would get to know our preferences, throughout the duration of the cruise. On the other hand, the advantage of the Personal Choice Dining®is that we could eat whenever we felt like it.

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As is the case on most of the cruise lines that I have sailed on, it is impossible to get one egg for breakfast. Even though I order just one egg, I get two. I suppose that I could control this more if I went to the buffet for breakfast. In this case, we didn’t worry about our eggs because they tasted very odd, whether scrambled or fried. We couldn’t figure out what they cooked the eggs in, but they sure had a strange taste. Although we much prefer sitting in the dining room and having a relaxing breakfast, the eggs and the slow service made the buffet our new breakfast spot.

Overall, the quality of the food on the Crown Princess was acceptable, but nothing spectacular. We found the pizza on the Lido deck to be excellent, while the burgers were uninspired. The warm cookies and milk served every afternoon on the Lido were a special treat that we enjoyed several times. We didn’t eat in the specialty restaurants so can’t comment about the food there.

Although we ate dinner in either DaVinci or Botticelli, we were very impressed by how pleasant buffet dining was set for dinner. The Cafe Caribe is very nicely laid out as well, avoiding that high school cafeteria look of some buffets.
Crown Princess Cafe Caribe

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