Princess Relaxation Report

Princess conducted a study to check on the preferences of vacationers. None of the results were surprising, but the responses show that vacationers have definite ideas of what constitutes relaxation.

It appears that the majority of vacationers prefer to get an early start to their days. It makes sense to get up early and take advantage of every hour of the day. Men have a slighter higher tendency than women to want to get an early start every day.

Breakfast on the Balcony
Breakfast on the Balcony

In addition, 60% of Americans prefer a spontaneous itinerary rather than a fixed schedule of activities.
Sounds like a cruise is an ideal way to have a relaxing vacation. Whether you prefer enjoying the daily sunrise or taking a midnight stroll on deck, or both, you’ll find that you can plan your activities according to your schedule. And that even includes dining times on many ships.

Sunset at Stromboli
Sunset at Stromboli

As a formerly reluctant cruiser who feared mandatory bingo and a strict schedule of other activities, I can confirm that I have always set my own pace on board, usually taking advantage of so many activities both on board and in the port, that I needed to rest and relax when I returned home.

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Scott G.

60% want spontaneity? Hopefully that will change some cruise lines planning of activities. Or maybe they’ll just start a new niche type of cruise, with nothing scheduled, but lots of options available. Oh, and an early breakfast.