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I can’t say that there was anything spectacular about the beverages on the Crown Princess. Although there was a drink of the day, it was not a special price like you would find on other cruises.
We did enjoy a wine tasting that is a perk for having elite status.
Our favorite place for drinks was Crooner’s Martini Bar. They made interesting martinis like the Milky Way Martini, which combined vodka, creme de cacao and Tia Maria. One popular drink gathering is always the Captain’s Welcome Party, which on this ship took place on several different levels. The selection of drinks offered included some very interesting and not typical offerings, and honestly, I don’t remember the names of them because they were so strange and unexpected. The usual wine and champagne was offered and the servers were generous with making the rounds.

Wine Tasting on the Crown Princess
Wine Tasting

The margaritas were good and large, but smaller in the casino – not that I was paying attention.

On the Plaza level, there was a nice wine bar, Vines, and the International Cafe, serving coffee and pastries. Afternoon tea was something that we took advantage of only once in DaVinci because it is so hard to eat yet another time. The selection of teas is good as are the pastries. Beware if you have tea delivered to your room. We had far too much to eat and felt that we were wasting the treats. It’s best to go to DaVinci where you can select exact amounts of whatever you desire.

During the entire cruise my quest became to search for the elusive Earl Grey. Sometimes I found him, but other times not. Oddly enough at lunch one day, I had requested Earl Grey. The first server said that they didn’t have it. Another server asked what I would like to drink and I tried again. This time, he found my favorite tea. How very strange. Getting the tea became somewhat of a game that I played throughout the voyage. Where or why they would hide it, I don’t know. I suspect that maybe it took a trip to the pantry and it wasn’t worth the trouble.

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