Wait until the last minute to book a cruise

The first tip for how passengers can get revenge on the cruise lines is to wait until the last minute to book. First, I have to say that cruise fares are at an all time low, so why anybody would consider revenge is beyond me, but I am commenting on this article.

  • Waiting until the last minute works for people who live nearby. How much do you think your airfare will cost if you book it at the last minute?
  • Waiting works for those with very flexible jobs. Can you put in your vacation notice a short time before you want to depart on vacation? Some people need to choose vacation time months or even a year in advance.
  • Waiting works for retirees. They often don’t need to worry about vacation time.
  • Waiting works for people who don’t need to find a house sitter, babysitter or pet sitter.
  • Waiting works for those who don’t really care which cabin they get. Prime space sells out early. If you have a particular stateroom in mind, you should not expect to get it if you wait until the last minute to book a cruise.
  • So, it’s true that you may be able to save money and if you have no conflicts, waiting could be quite beneficial. Maybe you are a spur of the moment traveler. Maybe your lifestyle allows the privilege of last minute travel. In that case, go for it. But, please don’t think of it as getting revenge.

    Sail Away.

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