NCL Epic Stateroom 8128

After finally realizing that the staterooms were ready for habitation, we found our way to our NCL Epic stateroom – 8128. We knew that the Epic offered staterooms with layouts and room designs that were different than the typical rectangular-shaped staterooms. Having heard that it was better to choose a stateroom with the bed near the balcony, we decided on 8128, a standard balcony.

The Layout
We could see how our particular layout had advantages, but without experiencing both options, we can’t really say if one is better than the other If we had been using the sofa as a bed, it might be much better to have the sofa near the window. We did find the rooms very tight width-wise; there was not much space to maneuver around the foot of the bed.

When trying to decide on a cabin, take a close look at the deck plan and you will see that the balconies with the bed near the window are those with the big curved bump-out toward the window end of the room. Wherever you see the big curve protruding into the next cabin is where the bed is located.

NCL Epic Stateroom 8128
NCL Epic Stateroom 8128

The Bathroom
There has been plenty of talk about the design of the bathroom. On the Epic, the bathroom is split into two halves, with the entryway running through the middle. On one side, there is a shower. When you exit this, you will be standing in the entryway. Across the way is the toilet. This has a sliding door as does the shower. For additional privacy, there is a curtain that draws across the width of the room. The sink is just behind the shower.

NCL Epic Bath Area
Epic Bath Area

The integrated style of bathroom receives all sorts of comments. For some, it is no problem whatsoever. For others, it poses a challenge, especially for those sharing the cabin with others who aren’t privy to the other’s bathroom functions and routines. It is definitely something to be aware of when booking.

Other Features
We found the storage adequate. The sofa bed has hidden storage compartments in the back and underneath the bed. There is also space above the bed. The drawers at the foot of the bed are not full depth, so the storage there is somewhat limiting. We really couldn’t imagine sharing this room with a third person.

The TV offered info on the restaurants and shows and it was possible to make a show reservation through the TV. That was not the case with the restaurants. We spent plenty of time viewing all the features on the TV. One interesting feature was the ability to play the slots from the convenience of the bed.

Always preferring a dark room for sleeping, we found the magnetic drapes a thoughtful addition to the room design. For reading lights, the goose neck lights on each side of the bed worked well, although the buttons that controlled them stayed lit through the night. A towel worked well for blocking that light.

  • The phone has a clock and alarm, very useful for keeping track of time. We did hear from our friends onboard that our phone didn’t always work; it was impossible for anybody to leave a message.
  • The bed was comfortable, but shorter than average. A not-very-tall person would have feet-dangling issues.
  • The room lights are controlled by putting your room key into the slot. Such energy efficient measures please us.
  • The balcony was adequate in size with two chairs and a very tiny table that would not hold more than a few glasses.
  • The coffee-maker and fridge are nice touches.
  • The hairdryer was a powerful salon-style model.
  • Overall, the room suited our needs. The curvy lines make it interesting, the bathroom is a great ice-breaking topic and the change from the standard box layout add a touch of elegance to the rooms.

    Sail Away.

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