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If you are interested in podcasting, don’t miss the PodcastCon Cruise on December 4,2009. Check out the wiki for more information.

Finally, the last suggestion from the article
is to just stay home. Our last cruise seemed cheaper than staying home, but I am not one to seek revenge on the cruise line.

It’s not only the cruise lines, but many in the travel industry that suffer because people aren’t spending money. But spending money doesn’t necessarily have to do with dissatisfaction or getting revenge. Gosh, has anybody noticed the economy, the high rate of unemployment or the number of people who have lost their homes?

At the end of the article it is mentioned that maybe these ideas aren’t exactly revenge and I couldn’t agree more. Perhaps we are not the typical cruisers, but we have never felt the need to get revenge on a cruise line. There are people who complain about every single detail on the ship. They thrive on incessantly ranting and raving about what most of us consider inconsequential. They don’t need revenge; they need to get a life.

You can get your revenge on the cruise lines by booking a cabin right now. The prices are outstanding.
Look how little you will pay for what may have cost twice as much last year. Hah, take that, cruise line.

Sail Away

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