Norwegian Dawn Review 2011 Casino

Grace the casino manager is a real gem. She helped with our slot pull and went out of her way to speak with us every time that she saw us in the casino. I don’t think that was due to the donation that we made to the casino. In fact, we felt so welcome in the casino that it made losing less painful. We found the slots rather tight, but it is a casino after all and they wouldn’t be in business if everybody won. Our clothes reeked of smoke after our visits there.


We are small-time gamblers so getting an extra free $25 of slot play is appealing to us. We took advantage of the coupon that is offered at Slot Play Coupons.(Be sure you select the ship that you will be sailing on.) With this coupon, we paid $25 to get $50 of slot play. We were at first hesitant to do this not being sure if it were a legitimate offer. But, we spoke with several other cruisers who had used it, so decided to try it. It was a simple matter to take our coupon to the Dawn casino service desk and get the $50 added to our Casinos at Sea card.

To use this, print out your coupon, go to the casino and sign up for Casinos at Sea and the amount will be added to your card. Keep in mind that you will need to spend whatever amount you originally put into the slot machine. So, if you are thinking of playing at more than one slot machine, be sure to add a lower amount than the value of your card. We will be taking advantage of this offer on our upcoming Gem cruise.
This coupon is only good for NCL cruises (it is good at certain land-based casinos as well) and it is good for a year. You can only use a coupon once every 14 days on your particular ship, so don’t even think of purchasing one for every day that you will be onboard. But both you and your cabin mate can purchase a coupon. Good luck!!!

Looking for another way to increase your betting dollar? Go to the Bon Voyage gifts at NCL and find Triple Play Coupons as well as a slot play coupon. What could be better than having more money to lose? I didn’t do too well on the Dawn and made a nice donation to the casino, but ran into a lady who was going to play a 25 cent machine. She put $100 into the machine and hit the double bet. She panicked when she realized that she was not at a 25 cent machine, but rather at a $25 machine!!!!!! As luck would have it, her double bet won her $2500! Most of us would have simply lost $50, but it goes to show that you never know with the slots. I hope to announce one day that I hit it big – not too likely at the penny machines that I usually play.

As a big fan of the penny machines, I did notice that there seemed to be fewer penny machines and many had more lines for betting. Some had so many lines that the penny machine became a dollar machine. A little bit of searching led me to a few machines with fewer lines, although I often had to wait to use those machines.

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