Celebrity Infinity Review Cabin 6001

Celebrity Infinity Stateroom 6001 Layout
We arrived late enough that our stateroom, 6001, was ready. Although a bit nervous about
being at the bow of the ship, we figured that the larger room and front window would be advantageous.
It’s amazing how just a few extra square feet of space gives the illusion of being in a suite.
Our cabin was in the shape of the letter “P” with lots of space to stretch our legs when sitting on the loveseat, which doubled as a pull-out bed. We could turn our chairs and face toward the window, which was great, especially, when we went through the Panama Canal.
Celebrity Infinity Cabin 6001 hallway view
Hallway view of Celebrity Infinity Stateroom 6001
Celebrity Infinity Cabin 6001

The teasing view from the window
Just outside our window was the helicopter pad and the best spot on the front the ship for viewing. We watched in agony as we saw crew out there enjoying the view from such a prime spot. Our waiter at dinner told us how to get there, but we tried unsuccessfully to find the way out there. We mentioned it to our cabin steward who seemed shocked that we would attempt to find the entrance to the deck. He told us that he worked to support his family and implied that if we did go out there that he would be held personally responsible and that he risked losing his job. We assured him that we would not put his job at risk.

Being of short stature, it was difficult for me to see over the plexiglass barriers on the decks open to the public. I don’t consider the Infinity the best ship for going through the canal if you want a straight-on unobstructed view. We really appreciated the bow space that was open to passengers on the Crown Princess.

One day when we returned from ashore we noticed some items on the desk, which were for sale. We asked the cabin attendant to remove the bottle of wine and put the fancy bath towels in the closet. We felt this was a bit tacky and assumed that the cruise line must need to make some money.

The Bedding and Furniture

We had a small loveseat, a chair, and a desk and chair. The loveseat and upholstered chair had worn arms and seemed ready to be re-upholstered. We mostly used the loveseat to store our purchases and the small chair was great for pulling up to the window and watching the view ahead of us. The desk was ideal and there was plenty of space for moving the chair back without bumping in to anything.

While we did find the bed comfortable, we noticed that the sheets were well worn and had stains. Our table mate remarked that her sheet had tears and holes in it. Neither of us were expecting to have bedding that was so worn out. It certainly didn’t make a good impression.

The bathroom

Our shower was good and we had adequate pressure and hot water. The clothes line was a bit dirty and should have been replaced. It was left in its extended position when we boarded. We took advantage of this and the towel racks in the bathroom to wash out some laundry as there is no self-serve laundry on board.

For some odd reason, nobody attended to the broken hair dryer before we arrived.
The hose had detached from the nozzle and would not stay attached to the apparatus on the wall. They came inconveniently to repair it when we were getting ready for formal night.

At one point when we got a feedback form asking our opinion of the cruise so far, I mentioned that our toilet seat looked as if it had been through a war. I give the Inifinity credit for taking these comments to heart: when we returned from ashore the next day, we had a sparkling new toilet seat.

All in all, we really liked our stateroom and would choose that one again. Only one night did we hear noise from somewhere, perhaps from a crew party. The cabin is right above the Celebrity Theatre, but other than no that one night, we never heard any noise. There was also a crew stairway next to the stateroom, but we never heard any noise from there either.

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2 Replies to “Celebrity Infinity Review Cabin 6001”

  1. Being on a cruise seems interesting enough specially now that summer is just a whisper away. You made a very interesting review of the facilities as well as an interesting account of your travel experience. I will be passing this along to our Jet Set Life Readers. I am sure they will enjoy reading this as much as I did. Thanks!

  2. We will be staying in this room in March. I was excited that it is wider then the average room in this category. The rooms in this category are normally too narrow. This will be ideal. I always hunt for those odd shaped rooms when cruising. The odd rooms have bonus square footage. It may not be conveniently located but I love to walk and its good excersize up and down the halls and even doing the stairs instead of the elevators.

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