Costa Concordia Tragedy

The unfortunate tragedy that struck the Costa Concordia is a grim reminder that emergency situations can occur anywhere and at any time. One of the preparations that passengers partake of is the muster drill. Just like the fire drills you attended at school, these drills give instructions on the procedures for guests in case of an emergency. Some passengers do anything to avoid the muster drill; others attend, but are only there physically and still others take the drill seriously. In fact, I have attended muster drills where the crew took this event lightly, standing and joking with their fellow crew members or the passengers.

I have often wondered how passengers would follow instructions in case of a real emergency as the muster drill hardly replicates the emotional state of a real life or death situation.

Next time you are at your muster drill, pay attention. Find the nearest staircase to your stateroom and take note of it. Some people even count the number of doors to the staircase or nearest exit.

For a quick review of a typical safety explanation, take a look at the following Carnival safety film.

Sail Away

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