One More Chance for MSC


Several years ago we sailed on the MSC Lirica. Although we enjoyed the cruise, the experience was less than stellar. Not being ones to rule out anything based on one experience, we decided to sail with MSC another time.

We had read recent positive comments about MSC and decided it was time to see if things had changed. Change is good and MSC has done a good job of catering to the North American market.

I interviewed Rick Sasso, the CEO of MSC in America and asked him what he would tell those who cruised with MSC several years ago and weren’t impressed. He wants those people to return and see the improvements.

Always the cynic, I was not sure that there would be changes, but the biggest difference I saw was the change in attitude of the crew and the officers, who verged on surly on our prior MSC cruise. The change was obvious from the minute I boarded the ship. I always check to see that other passengers are treated equally well and found that this new service attitude is pervasive throughout the ship. I have not regretted choosing the MSC Poesia for this cruise and suggest that anybody who may have marked MSC off their list to reconsider.

The next few posts will offer some insights into this cruise line. I hope you will add it to your list if you haven’t tried the line yet and that you would give the cruise line another chance if you have sailed with them before.

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