The Poesia People

It’s no secret that MSC does not have a large presence in North America. Just ask anybody what they think of MSC and they may not even know that it is one of the largest shipping companies in the world. Of course, they also have an extensive fleet of cruise ships, but the majority of those sail outside of North America.

Public space on the MSC Poesia
Being a European based company, MSC cruises do have a continental flair. In fact, North Americans are often the minority on these ships. But don’t let that dissuade you from giving it a try. Then again, xenophobes should take note and find a ship with a predominantly North American passenger base.

I enjoyed hearing foreign languages on this ship and met interesting people from all over the world. Some of my fellow passengers complained about the many languages used on the ship especially the announcements; but honestly, there were very few announcements. If you are open-minded and tolerate the perceived idiosyncrasies of those from different cultures, you might want to give the Poesia a try. Remember that she sails from Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean so it is simple for North Americans to board, so there is a good mix of both Americans and Europeans, if that is your preference. I have not yet experienced the European product, so can’t comment on that from personal experience, but have heard that there are some differences, one being the predominance of European passengers.

I think it is time to try another ship in the MSC fleet.

Sail Away.

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I took my first cruise with MSC Cruises out of Fort Lauderdale and was hooked from the very beginning! I’m already planning my second vacation. I’m not exactly sure which route I’m going to take, but Croatia is at the top of my list.