The Plank on Norwegian Breakaway

Walking the Plank

I had heard all the hype about The Plank on the Breakaway and wasn’t sure that it was something that I would be interested in doing. My fear of heights and my awful balance inspire little confidence. Nevertheless, I donned my safety harness and climbed the stairs and reached the first platform of the ropes course. I had originally thought that I could simply get in a line to walk The Plank. That is not the case at all; I would have to do the ropes course to reach The Plank.  Standing on the first circular platform where I had a choice of several routes to take to reach The Plank, I surveyed the situation looking for the most direct route to the Plank. I looked at the deck below the narrow beams; looked toward The Plank and judged what it would take to get there and immediately and gingerly backed off the platform to the top of the stairs and with as much determination and confidence that I had when I climbed the stairs descended with great agility.

Watching others would be enough for me. I jokingly asked if I could do the mini-ropes course for little kids, but my request was denied. Watching others would be enough for me. My sister bravely completed the ropes course and walked The Plank. I don’t know what it is about that course, but her photo sure indicates that it turned a grandmother into a kid again.

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