2015 Cruising Resolutions

What are your cruise resolutions for 2015?

It’s the time of year to make those resolutions and who says that they can’t be fun? And what is more fun than cruising?

Check out these 10 cruising resolutions to make 2015 a good one.

  1. Try out a different cruise line. Of course, you have your favorite, but why not give another line a try? Don’t go in with preconceived notions and don’t constantly compare the unfamiliar cruise line with your favorite. Keep an open mind. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having several favorites.
  2. Be a kid again. Do something that you think that you are too old for. I did the water slides on the Norwegian Breakaway. I could not ever remember being on a water slide before, so I started with the beginner slide moved to a racing slide and finally worked my way up to the Free Fall. I enjoyed it so much that I went back several times. I rode the merry-go-round on Allure of the Seas and zip-lined on the Norwegian Getaway.
    Walking the Plank
    Walking the Plank
  3. Sample new foods. Go to the buffet and grab a spoonful of something that you have never tried before. It’s not as if you have to eat a full plate or have to pay for it. I introduced my friends to Indian food on the Allure of the Seas. Some of them got hooked. Most ships offer a variety of international foods.
  4. Experience a small ship if you have only sailed the larger ones or vice versa. Large ships like Oasis of the Seas or Norwegian Epic have all the toys like ropes courses, ziplines and rock climbing walls. Smaller ships lack space for some of those types of attractions, but they are able to reach destinations that can’t accommodate the larger ships. The experience is different, but good. The ports are fresh; the itineraries unique. Ships like the Azamara Quest include overnights in certain ports, for example, Istanbul.
  5. Try a different itinerary. Always sail the Caribbean? How many times is it possible to visit St. Thomas or Nassau. Shake it up and try something else. The Southern Caribbean differs from the Eastern and Western. Bermuda is charming and most ships spend several overnights there. South America is the new trendy destination. The Dalai Lama says that once a year, we should go some place that we have never been.
  6. Try an activity that you wouldn’t do at home. Want to learn about wine, beer or cocktails? Join a class. Envy those dancing at dinner? Try salsa or ballroom dancing. Always wanted to know how to create a towel animal or fold a napkin? There are classes for everybody. Thinking of singing? Participate in Karaoke. Remember, that you likely won’t ever see these people again, so take a chance and do something new and different.
  7. Sail solo. Why put off cruising just because you can’t find anybody to sail with? Norwegian started the studio concept specifically for those interested in or forced to sail alone. With a private lounge in a key card access only area of the ship, the studios facilitate the solo experience with regular, but optional meet-ups with other solo travelers.
  8. Take time to explore your port of embarkation/debarkation. So many people simply drive or shuttle directly to the port without exploring the port area. Visit the tourism bureau for the port and enjoy the area pre- or post-cruise
  9. Try packing less than usual. Keep track of what you didn’t wear or use on a previous cruise and cut down on what you packed. Make good use of the space you have. This video shows how to pack in just a carry-on. When somebody comes up with fashionable collapsible shoes or some that take up little space, a big part of the problem will be solved. Isn’t it always shoes that take up the most space?
  10. Take a cruise longer than 7-days. The more I cruise, the shorter a 7-day cruise seems. Yes, there are always time and budget considerations, but look during low-season to help with the budget. As far as getting extra days off work, look for a cruise that will include two weekends. If you live in a port city, working a half-day on the first and last day of the cruise can help extend vacation time.

Resolutions need be neither difficult to achieve nor boring. Remember that there are gyms on ships, so no worries about those fitness resolutions. Make 2015 the year you try something different when you cruise. What will you add to your list of resolutions?

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