Norwegian Institutes à la Carte Specialty Dining

Right on the heels of Norwegian’s introduction of new Specialty Dining Packages, the newest addition to the lineup is à la carte dining in the specialty restaurants.


Here’s a quick overview of the program:

  • The program starts with the Escape in October 2015; Ocean Blue on the Breakaway will go à la carte on October 3, 2015 and the remainder of the fleet will change January 1, 2016.
  • Moderno Churascarria($19.95) and Teppanyaki($29.95) will remain fixed-price restaurants.
  • La Cucina, Le Bistro, Cagney’s, Moderno and Teppanyaki  remain as options for those with the Ultimate or Specialty Dining Package. Bayamo adds a $15 surcharge when used with the package.
  • Sample menu prices include:
    • Cagney’s (Steakhouse) appetizers – $4.99-$7.95
    • Cagney’s entrees – $17.99-$29.99
    • Le Bistro entrees (French)- $15.99 and up
    • La Cucina (Italian) – $12.99 and up


Upcharges in other restaurants not included in the Specialty Dining package are as follows:

  • Ocean Blue (Norwegian Getaway/ Norwegian Breakaway) – $15
  • Cirque Dreams (Norwegian Breakaway/Norwegian Epic)- $10 general seats/$15 premium seats/$35 VIP seating on Norwegian Breakaway
  • The Illusionarium – $10 general seats/$15 premium seats
  • For the Record: Dear John Hughes (Norwegian Escape)-  $15
  • Bayamo (Norwegian Escape)- $10
  • Pincho Tapas Bar (Norwegian Escape)- $7
  • The Raw Bar (Norwegian Getaway/ Norwegian Breakaway) – $7
  • Sushi Bar (fleetwide)-$7

If you aren’t aware of the above referenced new Specialty Dining Package, you have even more to wrap your head around. Starting with sailings that commence in August, the packages will range from three days to the entire length of the cruise with pricing starting at $59. This flexible option makes sense for those who might want to dine in a specialty restaurant just a few times during the cruise, but also accommodates those who prefer to hit the specialty restaurants more frequently or even daily on their voyage. Here is a quick reference for pricing:

3-Day Specialty Dining Package $59.00
4-Day Specialty Dining Package $74.00
5-Day Specialty Dining Package $89.00
6-Day Specialty Dining Package $104.00
7-Day Specialty Dining Package $119.00
8-Day Specialty Dining Package $129.00
9-Day Specialty Dining Package $139.00
10-Day Specialty Dining Package $149.00
11-Day Specialty Dining Package $159.00
12-Day Specialty Dining Package $169.00
13-Day Specialty Dining Package $179.00
14-Day Specialty Dining Package $189.00

The above prices are the online pre-purchase amounts. You save $10 by booking in advance. You may only book this on board on Day 1 for a three-day cruise and Days 1 and 2. You will notice that the more days in the package, the better value it becomes. On a 14-day cruise, it amounts to just $13.50 per meal. Don’t forget the 18% service charge.

As somebody who could barely finish her dinner at Cagney’s, I see advantages to both options. One nice feature is that all cabin mates are not required to opt for the same package. A light eater might prefer the à la carte option while those with a heartier appetite could opt for the Specialty Dining Package.

Certain venues are excluded from this program – Carlo’s Bake Shop items, Ice Cream Bar, Gelato, Chef’s Table, Special Occasion/Holiday menus (New Year’s, Christmas, etc.), and beverages, of course.

Confused? Too much to think about? Don’t forget about the many complimentary dining options on Norwegian ships,  including the Asian restaurants.

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