Anthem of the Seas Tour

Ready for Adventure
Ready for Adventure

I spent two short days on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas and shot a short video- my first attempt at hosting a video. This Quantum Class ship really appealed to me.


Here are some of the high points for me:

  • The decor of the ship was elegant and soothing.
  • Unlike some of the other Royal Caribbean ships, Anthem of the Seas did not make me feel like I was at the mall.
  • Technology is used throughout. RFID cards or bracelet work for doors and ship charges.
  • The new VOOM satellite internet by O3b is as fast as DSL on land. It’s about time the at-sea satellite providers upped their game.
  • Rather than one large Main Dining Room (MDR), four different, more intimate venues allow guests to rotate, keeping their same servers throughout.
  • Sky diving at sea was exciting with my one minute flight on  Ripcord by iFly.
  • There is a large choice of specialty dining options for those looking to try something different or have a special night out.
  • The Bionic Bar entertained with its robot bartenders.
  • Northstar takes guests 300 feet above sea level giving spectacular views of the sea, the ship and surrounding areas. Great photo ops.
  • Gigi the giraffe is something that I haven’t figured out yet. Maybe if I could feed her, I would feel differently.

Take a look at the video for a short tour of the ship. I highly recommend this ship and hope to sail her again soon.


Sail Away.

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12 Comments on "Anthem of the Seas Tour"

What do you think?

Rosi C

Love royal Caribbean. Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Mukul Bhandari

Hey nice review of a ship once again! And great video, keep them coming 🙂

Christine K

Very helpful review for anyone planning to take this cruise. Great job.


Sounds like a fun way to travel with new technology and not having the mall experience on a ship


Seems like a wonderful time. Would love to do this cruise some day.


Very nice tour and I loved how you presented it. General to specfic points. 🙂

Arzo Travels

Didn´t really understand the technical part, but a cruise is on my list .)

Eva Casey

Robot Bartender?!?? I must see that!


Cruises are an experience. Sounds like you had a good time.


Anthem of the Seas sounds great. I love cruising and wondered if this ship would feel, as you say, like a mall. Glad to hear about your experience.