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Long ago, I thought that cruising was incredibly expensive and only for the wealthy. I since realized that cruising is one of best values in the vacation world. Where else can you be entertained, served great meals, have comfy sleeping quarters and have transportation to a variety of destinations? If you aren’t convinced, just for fun, sit down and see what it would cost you to do your favorite cruise itinerary, or one that you are considering, if you had to fly, eat and sleep in each of the ports on the cruise itinerary.

I read different cruise forums and keep up with opinions and reviews of cruise experiences. I also observe other passengers when I cruise and sometimes am surprised by certain behaviors. Some are rather boorish – wearing a bathrobe to the buffet or guest service desk, asking other passengers how much they paid for their cruise or acting with a great sense of entitlement. And the latter infuriates me the most, especially when it is combined and it usually is, with poor treatment of the hardworking crew.

Maybe it is because I have worked in the service industry and am sensitive to the plight of anybody in that industry. But it’s the lack of good manners and civility that makes no sense.

Just because you are on a cruise, you have no right to belittle, badger or treat the crew as your indentured servants or slaves. Treating them with respect goes a long way. Saying thank you, greeting them when you see them or simply being kind can make a huge difference in their experience and yours.

To give you a head start in treating your crew well, I have compiled a list of how to say thank-you in some of the common languages of the crew. Note that there is no India section; cultural norms can make saying thank-you to an Indian person an insult.

Say Thanks

IndonesiaTerima kasihListen here.
PhilippinesSalamatListen here.
TurkeyTeşekkür ederimListen here.
Spanish-speaking countriesGraciasListen here.
RomaniaMersiListen here.
GreeceEfharistó Listen here.

Thank you for reading this.


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DB and The Princess (@EatSleepCruise)

Great post Theresa. We too hate when other cruisers are rude to the staff. Everyone working on a cruise ship deserves respect. The crew and staff work very hard and go long stretches without seeing family and friend, so being nice is the least we can do as fellow passengers on a ship. Saying thank you in the crew member’s native language is a great idea. Happy cruising.