Checking In at the Pier

Boarding in Vancouver
Boarding in Vancouver

For new cruisers, the process of checking in to get onto the ship is made simple by watching this video. Please note that although the video is from long ago, the process remains the same. Canada Place is now where passengers board the ships.

New technology has made the process even easier in some ports and with some cruise lines. For example, Royal Caribbean uses tablets to check you in as you approach the terminal. What a great benefit this was when I checked in for my cruise on Anthem of the Seas. And even though I forgot to register online before the deadline, I was able to walk right up to the counter because the people with good memories and knowledge of current dates had done their registrations online. That meant no lines for the non-compliant – aka forgetful- types like me.

As far as that welcome champagne – or any other welcome beverage, don’t count on it. Things have changed. Unless you are on a luxury cruise, there will be no welcome drinks.

Do you have any tactics for checking in? Do you like to arrive early or at the last minute?

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