A Sailaway Playlist

rickyThere are many songs about sailing, cruising, ships or the sea; and what a way to get you ready for your upcoming cruise. Heck, you can play these songs during your cruise and maybe even request them while on board. The list below includes some of my favorites. What are yours?

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9 Replies to “A Sailaway Playlist”

  1. I have been wanting to get more into posting playlist’s because I think it would be a great idea!! I can’t wait to go on a cruise again, these songs will definitely get me in that island life mood! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Have not really heard a lot of these. Will definitely be putting them on now. Mine is just some soothing music that compliments the call of gulls.

  3. What a mood to be in. I think I love all of those songs though I’m not sure if they put me in the mood to sail. Enya can get me pumped up though I’m never sure what for. Helps to clean my house with her on though. ^^

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