Carnival Cruise Sale

Carnival has announced that they will have a one-day sale on Thursday, November 15, offering free upgrades on most of their cabins. There are some good deals, which you can book at Cruise Bug Vacations (our sister site).
Now, exactly what is an upgrade?
Carnival spells it out nicely, saying that the upgrades during this sale are within the same category, which means you will move from a lower category inside cabin to a higher category inside cabin. That means that an oceanview upgrades to another oceanview and a balcony upgrades to another balcony.

Truth be told, the definition of an upgrade is rather arbitrary, but obviously follows somebody’s idea of what makes a cabin more desirable. What one person considers an upgrade, another may consider a downgrade. For example, if you love have a cabin in the middle of the ship on a lower level, a move to a cabin on an upper level may not please you. On the other hand, another passenger might feel that the above offer was definitely worthy of being called an upgrade.

Rarely do these sales involve an upgrade to a different category. Some folks luck out and do get moved from an inner to an oceanside, but that results from a cruise line booking maneuver and not from a sale promising good rates on upgrades.

You might think that an upgrade would mean a larger cabin. That is a possibility, but most cabins in a similar category have the same square footage. Always check the deck plan to see the size of the cabin.

Always read the fine print for exact details, restrictions and limitations of any sale.

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