Hurricane Irma

As this massive and threatening hurricane aggressively moves up through many popular cruise areas, islands are suffering severe damage and loss of lives. If you are cruising, please keep in contact with your travel agent and watch for notices from the cruiselines as well as airlines. The cruise companies carefully monitor the hurricane and will keep you advised of any changes or cancellations.

Hopefully, you bought insurance so that you can be protected from the costs of rescheduling if that is a necessity.

A good map of the path of the hurricane is here. It’s always a great idea to look at a map of your cruise before you book whether there is a hurricane or not. Learning geography is a good thing.

As for hurricanes, the ultimate resource is the National Hurricane Center.

Remember that weather is always unpredictable and if you need to travel through the rest of the hurricane season, which in 2017 runs until November 30, be prepared!


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