Fuel Surcharge

The Carnival brand of ships- Carnival, Costa, Cunard, Holland America, Princess and Seabourn- has initiated a $5 per day per passenger fuel supplement due to the rising cost of oil. This supplement applies to sailings on or after February 1, 2008. Whether or not you have booked prior to or even paid in full before the date, you will still be responsible for this fee. Your agent will be contacting you.

Why impose a supplement rather than raise the price of the cruise? Obviously, for bookings with a deposit or full payment this is a way to not raise the cost of the cruise. But, why not just raise the price of the cruise for all future bookings? Is there a bit of psychology involved in this reasoning? Does Carnival feel that its passengers are more likely to understand and accept a fuel surcharge rather than a price increase, which would eliminate the extra supplement?

Will cruisers delay booking, book with non-Carnival lines or substitute a land vacation for a cruise because of this? Some cruisers have carefully planned and budgeted for a cruise for years. While for many passengers, paying $10 extra per day is of little consequence, for others that fee really stretches the budget. They may end up using the dollars earmarked for the casino, shopping, bars, shore excursions and other activities from which they derive great personal pleasure to the fuel supplement, mundane and from which they derive no pleasure, Others will begrudgingly pay it without financial consequence. In all cases, passengers should still plan on enjoying themselves.

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