Murder on the Carnival Elation

The big news on crime aboard a ship comes from the Carnival Elation, where a man allegedly murdered his wife. Conversations are a buzz about the safety of cruises.
Just think how many people sail on ships which makes it statistically probable that some crime is likely to occur on board a ship. In this case, it appears that the murder was a result of a domestic dispute rather than a random attack on fellow passengers.

This event reminds us that passengers are only screened for what they carry-on with them rather than for their criminal intent. There is no prerequisite that says that you need to be a nice person to sail. In fact, some people suggest that with the lowering of cruise prices, the wrong types of people are now infiltrating ships and causing problems. That is debatable as it seems unfair to suggest that there is any correlation between a person’s ability to afford a cruise and a tendency toward poor behavior, poor education, lack of manners and whatever else the other elitists attribute to those who cannot afford the same level of luxury that they can.

Use Your Head

Don’t throw caution to the wind because you are on a cruise. Perverts, criminals, child molesters and other potentially harmful people may be on board. Don’t let your guard down about the safety of you and your loved ones. On the other hand, don’t become obsessed with the possible dangers. Take the normal precautions that you would whenever you travel or go into public. Don’t let your children have run of the ship. It’s surprising and annoying to see the number of children that have no parental control freely roaming the ship.

While cruise lines do monitor public areas closely, they have little control over what goes on in private spaces. If you do suspect questionable or illegal behavior, please call the purser’s desk immediately and report your suspicions. The cruise lines take such matters seriously and will offload any passenger(s) considered a threat to the safety of fellow passengers.

Sail Away

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What do you think?

Carrie McCargar
I was aboard the cruise ship carnival Elation on which the murder occurred, accompanied by several friends at no time did we ever feel, endangered. We had no idea what had happened until we returned to port and saw the FBI agents from our balcony. I do recall seeing alot of security personnel onboard the ship, it may or may not have been related with the incident. The only hint we had was an emergency call over the ship’s radio system at dinner, which we were told was a “severe medical emergency” We had a great time and will cruise… Read more »