Budgeting for the Fuel Surcharge

For some people, the fuel surcharge is an affordable annoyance, but for others the surcharge puts extreme stress on a carefully figured budget. For those who feel the pinch of this extra charge, here are ten tips to help you come up with that extra money. Some of these suggestions may be painful while others might just make that extra money easier to find.

    1. Forgo eating out or take-out food for the next few weeks or months.
    2. Rent a movie instead of going to the theatre.
    3. Barter babysitting with another family instead of hiring a babysitter.
    4. Put in a few hours of overtime or work extra hours for a few weeks if you have a part-time job.
    5. Look around the house for those items that you never use and list them on eBay.
    6. Recycle aluminum, copper, and soda cans.
    7. Walk to work, take the bus or car pool to save on gas.
    8. Use coupons for groceries, but only for the items that you usually buy.
    9. Buy generic products rather than name-brand products.
    10. Eat ramen noodles at every meal for a month.
    11. Work a temporary job for the holidays.

    Good luck and enjoy your cruise.

    Sail Away

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