Vote for the NCL “It” Girl

Head on over to NCL and view the videos of the five finalists for IT Girl.
I just did that and found it difficult to make a choice. Initially, I thought I would vote for the older woman, but that was when I saw the video without the sound. She sounds a bit flat, but after all, she is no actress. The appeal of her video is that she seems a regular person and a typical cruiser.

I liked Lauren’s video because of its humor elements. Had I had the nerve to submit a video, I would have done something similar to hers. Unfortunately or maybe not, I am not photogenic so I didn’t bother to make a video. I wasn’t sure of the duties as godmother of a ship and if they are anything like godmother of a person, I am sure that I would be totally unqualified. Who needs that added responsibility?

I immediately ruled out the video with the ugly dogs. Purely out of jealousy, I can’t vote for the 30-something who had already taken 30 cruises. Who is she? Captain Stubing’s daughter? She shouldn’t be the IT girl; she should be the cruise director or other staff member.

With my inclination to take things literally, I had to eliminate the woman from Vermont who said that being the IT girl was her lifelong dream. Is she clairvoyant or something? Her life is surely longer than the few months that this contest has been going on.

In the end, I may not vote at all. I just saw that MSC has Sophia Loren as godmother for one of their ships. I bet that she didn’t have to submit a video about her qualifications. I wonder how many cruises she had taken on that ship. Isn’t a good wrist the only qualification for being the godmother?

I was at the baptism of the Noordam and recall that the christening of the ship was done remotely and we watched it on a closed circuit tv. Am I remembering that correctly?

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