We headed to San Pedro to return our Enterprise rental car before the office closed at noon. In our haste to get to the port, we forgot to fill the car with gas. We found a nearby gas station, but had difficulties using a credit card because the pump asked for a zip code before it would approve the sale. Obviously, we don’t have a local zipcode, so we couldn’t complete the sale. The clerk inside was very wary of anybody buying gas from outside the local zip.

We turned in the car and took the shuttle to take us across the street to the ship. The way the lot is arranged and secured, it would be difficult to walk to the pier especially with luggage.
The boarding process went quickly although the guy checking us in was having equipment problems. First, he told us that somebody was already in our room and asked if we were sure about the room number. After some time, he figured out that the previous occupants of our cabin hadn’t been properly checked out. Next the camera didn’t work, so we had to have our photos taken by the next clerk.

Although we arrived around noon, we were able to board the ship immediately. We tried dropping our bags off at our cabin, but found the doors to the hallway closed and with a note saying that the staterooms would be available at 2:00. We headed down to the Versailles dining room and had a leisurely lunch, leaving after the announcement that the rooms were ready.

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