Cabin 8068 Azamara Quest

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Azamara Quest Cabin 8068 Review

8068 Azamara Quest

Fortunately, the seas were calm and we never had any concerns about having a cabin in the aft of the ship. A Sky suite with 266 square feet of space and a balcony with 60 square feet, the cabin was spacious enough for us and we were quite comfortable in our surroundings. The sofa, extra chair with stool and coffee table made room service and afternoon treats both enjoyable and very comfortable; we didn’t need to worry about doing a balancing act to hold our food and drinks.

The Space
We had plenty of closet space for everything that we had. We traveled with just carry-ons, but if we had taken more stuff, there still would have been plenty of room to store things. The closet area is large and there is more than adequate drawer and shelf space. Azamara doesn’t have formal nights, so not having to bring extra shoes and formal wear meant more space for other things. The desk area had space for the computer and right next to it plenty of other space to pile up the reading materials that we always seem to acquire too much of on every cruise. This space is ideal for packrats not only because of the surface area, but also because we could toss some of it in the drawers and organize on the side shelves, not that organizing is at the top of our vocab list. In this area, there was also binoculars and a stocked refrigerator with complimentary sodas and water. A welcome bottle of champagne came with the room.

Cabin 8068, view from balcony

Bed, linen and seating

We found the bed comfortable and liked having switches at bedside that operated the overhead lights, something that we wish every cabin had. The linens on the bed were adequate, but the bedspreads were a bit pilly, probably not the best choice of material for a high use linen. Every night, we got a little mat next to each side of the bed, a nice touch, but totally unnecessary for us. The seating in the room was comfortable. The sofa did convert to a bed. Besides the desk chair, there was also another chair complete with a stool that we moved to the balcony on occasion.

Turndown service offered different little cakes and chocolates in the evening. As these weren’t wrapped, they could get messy. Seems like a lot of work for the butlers to do. It would be nice to have some fancy wrapped chocolates. With wrapped chocolates, we could eat them at our leisure. We often remembered these treats after brushing our teeth. Yep, we must be anal, but didn’t feel like eating them and then brushing our teeth again. Had we had the wrapped chocolates, we could eat them the next day or the next week without having to worry about them spoiling or interfering with our dental hygiene.

The Bathroom

How nice it was to have a bathtub, but it did require a bit of awareness because it is a bit high and not so easy for shorter people to get into. I suspect that people with mobility problems or other shorter people might find this presents a problem, but according to our butler, nobody before us had ever mentioned anything about the height of the tub. It definitely isn’t a negative, but I was very aware of the height and feared that I could injure myself if I weren’t careful. The bathroom was a comfortable size with lots of counter space and storage below the countertop. The large bath sheets were quite the nice touch, however, hanging them was a bit of a problem. Somebody needs to add a towel ring for hand towels, which always got moved and hung in the bathtub, not the most convenient place for them. The bath sheets were too large for the small towel rack in the room. We usually just hung ours on the back of the door.

The Elemis toiletries were nice and we appreciated having extras like shower caps, cotton balls, loofa mitt and swabs. There were some additional kits out in the main room for sewing, but these came with what I felt was a high price tag. It would have been nice to simply provide a regular sewing kit rather than the big, pricey emergency sewing kit.

Azamara bath

Butler Service

We had an excellent butler with a pleasant personality. He was efficient and always had a smile. We never really did figure out the delivery of afternoon snacks; even if we didn’t fill out a card, we sometimes had them delivered and other times not. It was nice to catch him delivering tea on the days that we were in our cabin at that time, which seemed too close to our late lunches, meaning that we were rarely hungry when this extra food came around. Another time, we were thrilled to see the snack in the room as we had a long day on shore and needed something little to tide us over to dinner.

We did have a problem with water leakage in our cabin. It seems that a neighboring cabin had a bath tub problem and when their problem was fixed, some excess water came into our cabin. We let our butler know about the problem and he attended to it immediately. Somebody came to dry out and clean the carpet. We were quite impressed by the quick action that they took to remedy the problem.

The Balcony
The balcony is definitely not huge at only 60 square feet and there are no lounge chairs out there because of space limitations. We sometimes pulled out our chair stool so we could put our feet up while enjoying the view. We enjoyed eating dinner out there or simply sitting and getting some fresh air. There was a small annoying carpet in front of the sliding door. It always curled up in front of the door. We thought that perhaps we just walked funny, but our butler said that they were a problem in every cabin because they had a tendency to curl up against the door.
Balcony breakfastNotice how little space there is on the narrow balcony.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Sky Suite and our entire Azamara experience. We were not disappointed at all and had high expectations from the start.

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