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Our room just happened to be located on Deck 8 aft, right across from the entry from the elevator lobby. We worried that this might be a noisy area considering all the traffic that would use the hallway. Fortunately, there is another door that goes to the cabins and areas forward of us so that helped relieve traffic. We never heard any noise from passengers or from the elevators. Our cabin was 8632, which we found rather convenient for getting down to the Versailles dining room. What we had to remember was that we could only get to the main dining room via that route although Aqua was on the same floor. The kitchen is located between the two dining rooms, which means that it isn’t possible to walk between the two dining rooms. We attempted to get to the fore part of deck 6 several times including towards the end of the cruise. Oh well.
Deck 7 is the promenade deck, which also has plenty of public spaces. The Red Lion is a sports bar type place that does offer popcorn throughout the day. The Atrium, guest services, shore excursion office and future cruise consultant office are all on this level. The Jave Cafe sets under the staircase. The Blue Lagoon is the 24-hour cafe that serves such dishes as fish and chips and other quick foods. Toward the front are the specialty restaurants- Ginza, Teppanyaki and the sushi bar. Heading toward the front of the ship, you will reach the Carousel Bar, decorated like its name – with carousel horses at the bar. If you walk toward the opposite wall and to the left, you will reach the Pearl Martini Bar tucked into the corner. All the way forward is the balcony level of the Stardust Theater.

Well, that’s about it for Deck 7. Next time we will tour Deck 6 and eventually I will give my opinions on the different spaces and services that we used during the cruise.

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