NCL Star Deck 6

The last deck that has public spaces is on Deck 6. This deck includes the casino, the main level of the Star Dust Theater, and four cabins toward the front. We checked out the location of these cabins to see exactly how close they were to the theater. Since I had booked a guaranteed and these cabins are in the C Category, there was a slight chance that we could have been assigned to one of these cabins. We had trouble finding them as the are in a separate hallway from the hallway that goes to the theater. This isn’t immediately obvious from looking at the deck plan. It would appear that there is enough insulation from the traffic that enters the theater that these cabins might not be a bad choice, especially for a group traveling together.

More toward the middle of the ship are Gatsby’s Champagne Bar, Havana Club(cigar bar); Le Bistro,Wine Cellar and Soho Room restaurants and all farther aft: Aqua and Versailles dining room. It’s the kitchen between these two dining rooms that makes it necessary to go up a floor and then back down to reach everything from the middle to fore area of the ship.

Now that you have a general feel for the layout of the ship, which you could get by looking at this deck plan, it’s time to go into more detail about the many public spots on this ship as well as a review of our stateroom – 8632. But, that will happen the next time.

Sail Away.

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