Azamara Quest Review – Final Word

Sailing on the Azamara Quest confirmed that we definitely prefer smaller ships. The ease of navigation the decks combined with the relationships developed with the crew and fellow passengers makes this size of ship a good fit for us. We also find smaller more intimate shows far more appealing than the lavish Broadway-style shows presented on the larger ships, but that is definitely a matter of personal taste as we can take or leave most shows.

  • We found many surprises onboard, one of the most memorable was a digital camera demonstration. From the title listed in the daily program, I assumed that this would be a sales pitch to show the various features of the digital cameras for sale onboard. As luck would have it, we passed through the casino where the demo was taking place. The man from the photo shop was offering many tips on taking good photos and using your digital camera in different situations. I learned several tips from him and wish that I had arrived at the very beginning of the class.
  • Cabin 6073Cabin 6073

  • Azamara has no formal nights and no set dining times – unless you have reserved in one of the specialty restaurants. The benefits of this are the ability to pack and carry less luggage and the lack of pressure to get back from a shore visit, clean up and make it to dinner at a scheduled time.

  • Quest buffet dining room
    Windows Cafe Breeza

  • Free fitness classes are a real bonus. Although there are class size limits, which were met early on in the cruise, by the end of the cruise, there were openings in several classes.

  • It’s obvious that the staff see their interaction with guests as an important part of the job that they find a pleasure rather a burden. Their presence adds significantly to the enjoyment of the cruise.
  • Welcome back refreshments
    Refreshments after a hot day ashore

  • We chose this ship because of the itinerary. All ports except for one were new to us. Although there were pay shuttles offered in several ports, we found them unnecessary and the towns very easy to get to from the pier.
  • Drawing Room
    Drawing Room

    If you are seeking a more personal cruising experience on a smaller ship and with an affable staff, definitely give Azamara a try.

    Sail Away

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