An Interview with a London Pilot

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Pilots don’t just fly in the sky, some take to the water and help marine vessels navigate to safe harbor. We had the privilege of listening to Captain William Wells, a London pilot, on the Crown Princess.

Pilot boat in Chios Greece
The Pilot Boat in Chios
How refreshing it was to attend a lecture that had an expert in the field sharing his life experience. We had almost given up on cruise ship lecturers, but the Captain so intrigued us that we came back for more and attended all of his lectures. Princess deserves recognition for finding such a quality presenter.

Watch a video of a pilot boat coming out to the cruise ship.

The Captain had so much of interest to share that there will be two podcasts with his views on piloting.

Click on the arrow to start the podcast.

Show Notes
Captain William Wells
The Crown Princess

Chios Greece

Written and produced by Robert and Theresa Russell
All music by Kevin MacLeod licensed under Creative Commons

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