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Usually, if you want to book a guarantee category, you may only have double occupancy. That has now changed with NCL. Starting Thursday, 8/27/09 NCL is accepting guarantee reservations for parties of three or more. Although the booking may be made now, this new guarantee offer applies to sailings after 10/1/09, which isn’t that far away.

For those willing to accept any cabin assignment in order to save some money, this is a great move on NCL’s part. What is especially nice about NCL’s Guarantee program is that they guarantee a cabin at least in the category that you booked, whereas some cruise lines only guarantee a cabin of the same type -(inside, ocean view, balcony). NCL reserves the right to book a stateroom at their discretion any time up until the day of sailing. So, if you can live with the possibility of not knowing your stateroom number and don’t have a strong preference for where you stay on board, this is definitely a program to look into.

Please don’t expect to change cabins if you book a Guarantee and aren’t happy with the location of the cabin. That’s why the stateroom costs less in the first place.

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I guess that if your aim is solely to save money, you shouldn´t have any problems with the cabin assigned to you