No Life Jackets Muster

No PFD at Muster Drill

What a shock it was to hear the announcement for muster drill and be notified that it was NOT necessary to bring your life jacket with you.
According to the ship, this is a new change that recently went into effect. Perhaps too many people were injured wearing their life jackets through the hallways, tripping on the straps and falling down the stairs. Or maybe, too many got sick when they thought that they were being clever blowing into the whistle that has been in contact with copious amounts of unknown germs and fellow clever cruisers’ mouths.

muster Check out the lack of PFD’s

On the Millennium, we all met in an inside area and then were escorted out to the lifeboat decks. We found it interesting that the well-trained staff supervising the drill at our muster station, spent their time joking with the passengers throughout the instructions. Obviously, they took this drill very seriously.

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